Research notes

August 2019, coauthored journal article introducing the work of Makaneyyat is submitted to refereed scientific journal in the U.S.

July-August 2019, work continues in collecting important plant material from wild populations in Palestine, cleaning seed, and propagation of most important species of interest.

March-April 2019, the Makaneyyat team is conducting fieldwork to identify, catalogue, collect specimens, and collects seeds of wild food plants.

Researchers in fieldwork

Researcher in fieldwork

December 2018, an ancient Arbutus andrachne L. tree and fruit.

Arbutus andrachne L.

Arbutus unedo L.

November 2018, the team conducted plant survey in Ein Qiniya-Ramallah.


2018, Makaneyyat's first book was published under the name of "Palestinian Wild Food Plants".

Fall 2018, video shots capturing the beauty of Palestine during our field work.